If I were…

For some reason, since posting my Boston recaps, I just haven’t felt like writing here. I am not sure why, but every time I opened the tab with a post idea, I just didn’t feel like writing. There is no deeper meaning behind it, the words just didn’t come. But that isn’t because there is nothing happening in my training world. Because if I were going to come here and update the world on my training and life in general…there is actually quite a lot to say!

So, if I were going to update you all on what’s happening lately…

  • I would tell you that Boston recovery has been very slow and how after 23 days, I FINALLY had a run where I felt better at the end than at the beginning.
  • I would talk about how I never believed the whole “one day of recovery for every mile” adage, but now I am 100% on board.
  • I would share that triathlon training has begun….slowly.
  • I would have complained here at some point about my inability to check pool schedules before going to swim, resulting in scrapped pool workouts.
  • I would tell you that getting back to swimming after a 7 month hiatus has been quite humbling and that my goal 1600 meter pace is now my 50 yard sprint pace.
  • But I would also share how much fun it is to see progress at the pool and how I look forward to every swim to see what breakthroughs will (or won’t) happen that day.
  • I would be super excited to talk about the 44 mile ride that I did with customers today and how I was over the moon that my bike fitness isn’t as lacking as I thought.
  • I would talk about finally getting the new carbon wheels I got for Christmas put on my bike and how that makes the bike feel like it just rolls on its own.
  • I would share that Brad’s new job has him gone from home and how much I miss him.
  • I would also tell you that we are trying to work it out so I can go with him for some weeks and the anxiety I get about not knowing where I might be from week to week.
  • I would have talked about a short trip to Houston where I got to see my parents briefly, followed by a trip to Canada, where I learned that my Canadian business partners really know how to have a good time.
  • I probably would talk about my upcoming race schedule, what I am training for and how I feel about it all. I might still do that, but not today.
  • I would share that work has been absolutely crazy busy…making up for this winter when things were super slow.
  • I would share that I have had some amazing times with great friends lately, (not limited to, but) including Elizabeth’s trip to Chicago, Chanthana’s birthday, a few bike rides with Char and a stupidly hot/humid run with Jenny.
  • But most importantly, I would tell you that life is good and I am really, really looking forward to all the great things that are coming this summer.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to If I were…

  1. Good to hear from you!!! That was a pretty solid life update!! I know how hard the travel can be, oddly I miss david like crazy every time I travel and wish there was a way he could come with me. One of these days I”ll be so big he works for me, right?! 🙂

    Glad to hear you are feeling ready to get back in training…more big goals I’m sure!

  2. I feel like you just wrote the perfect post for me…as in I might just copy it to my blog 😉 I’ve had the same semi-writers block. Things are finally coming together but I feel like if I say that out loud the wheels are going to fall off the train again. I totally feel you on the work travel stuff…B goes to Seattle frequently and it only seems to work out once in a blue moon for me to join him. Sounds like you’re keeping VERY busy these days! I’m glad you’re finally feeling fully recovered! Personally I love it when you tri train…your updates amaze me (and even motivate me to consider the pool again)… Cheers my friend!! xoxo

  3. elizabeth says:

    i like the bullet point style update 🙂 luckily i keep up with you IRL life to know what’s going on. xoxo

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