Friday Fun XI

I was really on a roll with these posts last spring and somehow just managed to completely forget about them this summer. I love doing them though so Friday Fun is back (for this week)!

  1. Healthy. This might not be the first time I have talked about this, but I MUST bring it up again. After 2+ years of constant glute/hamstring discomfort, I am finally running completely pain free (*knock on wood*). It was one of those nagging non-injuries that never got worse and I had just accepted as part of running. I maintained it with ART and constantly sitting on a TP Therapy ball, but I thought it would always be there as an annoying reminder of my week hips and glutes. Finally, after working really hard on strengthening and activating my glutes this winter then recovering properly post Boston (thanks Coach!), the nagging sensation is 100% gone. It makes running SO much more enjoyable. 
  2. Pool Situation. Last summer I struggled with my swimming motivation. The only pool I had access to (that I knew of) was the UIC pool during Master’s. I had to drive 20 min and be there by 6 a.m. (or 6 p.m.) and do the group workout. Because of the lack of flexibility, I was lucky if I got in 2 swims a week. After talking to a few people and doing some research, I have a much better swimming situation this summer. I have 2 gym options: One is right across the street but only 20 yds. As much as it sucks, it has been mighty convenient when there wasn’t time or transportation to go elsewhere. The other gym option is an awesome 25 meter pool that is about a 15 min drive. But my favorite is the pool at Holstein Park. It is 50 yards and it is OUTSIDE. I actually get really excited about swimming there and I really think it has helped me get my swimming fitness to a better place this year. pool
  3. Taper Approaching. I have talked a little in my weekly recaps about how crazy it feels sometimes that I am overlapping my Chicago Marathon training and training for Age Group Nationals. Last week I hit 13+ hours, which was basically on the high end of where I was with my last 70.3 training cycle. Nuts. BUT only one more big week and then I will have a one week taper for Nationals. I am really, really excited to race 2 weeks from tomorrow! I feel good about some of the quality swims and rides this summer and since I got speedy carbon wheels, I am hoping that will help too 🙂
  4. Fish Bar. This is one of my very favorite restaurants in my neighborhood and Chanthana I have been saying we wanted to go here together for a while now. We went last night and had delicious seafood, good cocktails and lots of laughs. All while sitting outside on a gorgeous Chicago evening. Can’t beat it.
  5. Tri Shorts. Last summer I bought my first true triathlon kit from Soas.

    This one. (And yes, since I paid for these race pics, I will plaster them here whenever possible.)

    I absolutely LOVE it, especially the shorts. But I don’t wear it to train in because I like having something special for race days. Since my favorite black tri shorts finally got too see through to wear (I should have retired them a year ago), I bought another pair of Soas shorts last week. I love the length, fit, style, chamois thickness. Everything. I find myself reaching for them on every ride now.


    In Action.

  6. Cherries. The cherries this summer  have been amazing. Huge, firm, super sweet and delicious. I have been going through a huge bag of them about once a week.
  7. Hillz. You might remember that this spring Jenny, Chanthana and I spent many Saturday mornings in the Chicago ‘burbs running on hills to prep for Boston. Our last run out there way back in early April (??) and I miss running there with my girls. CT, Jeff and I are finally going back out tomorrow for a hilly run. It will be weird to not have to contend with ice and the snow covered fields will be replaced with green plants and flowers. It will be a like whole different experience. I am also anxious to see if all the hilly running I was doing in Virginia has paid off!
  8. Naps. When training starts to ramp up and the heat forces early morning training, I can hardly make it through a Saturday or Sunday without a nap. There is nothing I love more than coming home after a long workout, showering, eating (not always in that order), then falling asleep for a few hours on the couch. And this is yet another reason why I don’t have children.

I think that’s all folks! What’s making everyone else happy this fine summer Friday?!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Friday Fun XI

  1. Congrats on how good you are feeling, that’s really great! The outdoor pool looks awesome….it might even be tempted to do laps if I had something like that by me! And I do love myself a good nap 🙂

  2. erin says:

    So happy to hear you’re running 100 percent pain free! Whoop! And, that pool… gorgeous! Doesn’t a nice pool make a HUGE difference in actually wanting to swim and enjoying it?! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. elizabeth says:

    i’m out like shout! and my ass was needled to basically help with your’s hoping it goes away. not gonna come without a hit to my bank account though. oh, and rich is obv’s a big happy and my new garmin! :):)

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