Friday Fun XII

There were a couple of things that happened this week that I couldn’t let go undocumented for all of the Internet to read so here I am with my random Friday Fun!

  1. New Running Shoes! My three primary pairs of running shoes all have about 330 miles on them. While the Pure Cadence (definitely) and the Wave Sayonara (possibly) can handle more, the Saucony Fastwitch cannot. (Makes sense since they are the most minimal of the three). I was starting to feel weird, not good sensations in my ankles and achilles the last few times I wore them. I ordered a new color and half size bigger in the Fastwitch and am trying the Mizuno update in the Wave Sayonara 2. The Fastwitch will most likely be my marathon shoe.

    shoe collage

    Sayonara2 with a side of puppy feet on the left. Fastwitch on the right. 

  2. Jolyn Swimsuits. The loveliest Megan turned me on to these suits about a month ago and in anticipation of a few trips coming up, I ordered one…then another once it arrived. I will save you from a picture of me in the suits…the models on the website show them much better 🙂 The suits are SUPER reasonable (~$50) and, in my opinion, can double as a cute suit for the beach or for training. Don’t be fooled by the strappy tie back, these things stay in place really (11)
  3. Team USA Rolldown. I may have squealed a little when this email popped up in my inbox on Tuesday afternoon.2014-08-20 17-21-13_ Team USA Chicago - Olympic Roll Down List - IBM Lotus Notes Of course, once I read it, I learned it wasn’t an actual invite to Team USA, but rather a notification that I am on the roll down list (essentially an alternate). The age up results were posted and I got 30th place…with only 7 seconds separating 27-30. Next summer I will be training for Nationals again and I’m hoping for that email saying I get to compete in Worlds just a month later.
  4. Big Milestone. There is a project at work that I have spent 2 years nurturing through major ups and downs and twists and turns. Throughout the life of the project, I have gotten the reputation as someone who only delivers bad news because things have gone sour so often. But on Monday, we officially hit a massive milestone that propels the project ahead. If all goes well (fingers crossed), we should have everything successfully concluded in October. After the two year roller coaster, needless to say I am ecstatic. 
  5. Jamaica. One of the trips that is coming up that I mentioned above is a 5-day vacation to Jamaica the first week(end) in September. Brad and I planned this trip with good friends from Greenville earlier this year and while a beach vacay would probably make WAY more sense in the frigid depths of winter, I am beyond excited to spend much needed time with a few of my favorite people. {We won’t dwell on the fact that I will likely have a 20-miler on the schedule while I am there…}
  6. Lakefront Track. A couple of months ago, I noticed there was a little oval construction happening right next to the Lakefront Path around Montrose Ave. A quick Twitter poll told me that, yes, in fact there would be a brand spanking new public track opening in a just few short months. Yesterday was my first chance to do speed work there since it opened. The rain all morning probably helped, but there wasn’t a single soul sole (pun intended) on the track other than me and the track is super nice. Being able to run to the track (~3 miles from home) instead of driving 20 min each way is a MAJOR convenience.
  7. Maxi Skirt. I will spare you from the bore of the Stitch Fix misses this month, but I had to share this one “hit” because I now own my first maxi skirt. I have always thought these looked silly on me, but this one is so soft and I love the pattern so I will be going outside of my comfort zone and rocking it until summer fades 3 (11)

That’s all my friends. I would love to hear about some of the things YOU are loving this Friday!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Friday Fun XII

  1. Um, YAY!! for work milestones and upcoming conclusion of the project. Hopefully it will be done before Chicago marathon so we can properly celebrate. 🙂 Also, so stinking excited for your roll-down opportunity- fingers+toes crossed as I know you’d rock it.

    While y’all jet off to the beaches of Jamaica, we’ll be off to the mountains of Telluride to escape the heat. Funny how your vacation destinations are so driven by your “everyday” location.

    Can’t wait to see you in 7 weeks!!!!!!

  2. Lots of fun things going on for you! Congrats on the work milestone – I know how that can be!

    I’m currently loving trail running! I’m in base building for a marathon and using the trails to build strength and endurance – I know I can’t be running on them as much as I have later in training but for now it’s amazing!

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