Searching for Fresh Legs

2 weeks until Chicago Marathon

I was so happy to be back home for this full week. I had some catching up to do on life, sleep and just general rest. In the early part of the week I was getting a little concerned that my legs still felt heavy and sluggish. Later in the week, I started to see a glimpse of freshness and then by Saturday I was feeling decent, but still thinking and over-analyzing WAY too much.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

I was unexpectedly in NYC Monday morning after flight cancellations Sunday. I started the day with an hour and $100+ Uber trip to Laguardia from Manhattan (a 6.5 mile drive). I was lucky to arrive 30 min before the flight and still make the plane, but we sat on the runway for a few hours while Air Traffic Control was still backed up in Chicago. I finally made it to O’Hare around 1:30. Exhausted. Starving. But home. Happy Monday.


  • Plan: Tempo Run w/2M @ 7:10
  • Actual: 7M @ 7:54 w/tempo: 7:08, 7:04

Sleep won out over a run before my morning meetings and I didn’t get a chance to run until around lunch time (yay for fall weather allowing this!). I felt decent and the tempo miles weren’t bad, but I was definitely still not feeling any pep in my legs from the reduced mileage.


  • Plan: 1:00 Easy + yoga
  • Actual: 7.1M @ 8:28 + yoga

I actually acknowledged my alarm when it went off to run before my morning calls. It was a beautiful morning, but a little windy. Walter went with me for 6 miles and I felt pretty sluggish for for the first 3, but a little better after that. Where’s the fresh springy feeling that taper is supposed to bring?

I went to an evening yoga class, hoping to work out some tightness. It was perfect, for the most part, but there was one sequence of holding humble warrior/extended side angle/low lunge twists that just felt like too much for where I am in taper right now. My competitive side doesn’t like to give in and go to child’s pose, but I had no choice once my legs got really shaky and weak. I probably shouldn’t even have held as long as I did.


  • Plan: Speedwork w/3×1000 @ 10k pace (4:15)
  • Actual: 7.25M @ 8:08 w/1k: 4:15, 4:15, 4:14

It was much warmer than the last few weeks of morning runs, but I didn’t mind because for me to run on the track without too long of a warm-up/cool-down, I need to walk the beginning and end of the run. My legs felt a tiny bit of spring in them in the warm-up which was a nice surprise after the previous two days’ sluggishness. The repeats didn’t feel as easy as I would like them to at 10k pace, but at least I was able to lock it in and hold it. By the time I was cooling down, my legs felt fatigued again, similar to how they felt earlier in the week.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

I originally thought I might go to yoga, but since I was still searching for some recovery and freshness in the legs, I knew I needed a complete rest day. I rested like a champ…even working all day from my bed.


  • Plan: 1:00 – 1:20 Run w/1M in the middle @ race pace
  • Actual: 8.65M @ 8:05 w/Mile 4: 7:49

I went from running in a tank top and shorts on Thursday to capris and a light jacket on Saturday. I woke up to the sound of howling wind, temp of 37* with a “feels like” temp of 28 and rumors of snow flurries. But Walter was really excited to run in the colder temps and made it a solid 7 miles. When I started, my legs felt much better than they have at the beginning of the last few runs, but as I picked up the pace a little, it just felt harder than it should have. The one mile at race pace took me a while to lock in, but once I was in the range it really didn’t feel too bad. I was definitely ready to be done when I hit the 1:10 mark.

I spent the rest of the day with Chanthana, Manny and Jenny. We brunched, saw Gone Girl then got take-out later that night. Perfect way to spend a cold, windy, rainy day.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

Another day where I thought I might want to go to yoga, but in the end opted for rest. It was a super productive day though. This is what taper does to me! I got a bunch of errands run and things done around the house…including planting fall flowers in my planters.



P.S. I wish I didn’t live in a world where I have to blur out my house number for safety purposes, but alas…




  • Run: 30 miles
  • Cross training: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Yoga: 1 class

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Searching for Fresh Legs

  1. ErinAMG says:

    super excited. SUPER excited for you. all hugs and high fives from here, darlin!

  2. GOOOOOOOD luck this weekend!!!!! Can’t wait to read the I killed it report!!

  3. Gina says:

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