Bayshore Week 1: Treadmill Central

As I mentioned, we are 20 weeks out from Bayshore Half Marathon. That is currently my goal race for this spring, but I am hoping to add some shorter races in the mix over the next few months. This week was defined by absurdly cold and windy Chicago weather that drove me inside for almost all of my runs. Last year when I was training for Boston, I would have definitely done more of the runs outside (Tuesday in particular). This year feels different and I don’t seem to have the same motivation to run in bitter cold temps. Maybe because I am not marathon training or maybe because I got burned out on the cold/icy runs last year?


  • Planned: OFF or 20 – 30 min Recovery
  • Actual: OFF

This was our last half day in Turks & Caicos. I got a text from Coach mid-morning that I could do an easy 20-30 min recovery from the 12-miler I did the day before if I wanted. I knew that I would regret not running one last time in the warmth, but it was really hot and sunny and I was already in my swimsuit and sunscreened up for one last time, so I chose to stay poolside for the last few hours of vacation instead.


  • Planned: 3-mile tempo run OR Treadmill Hill workout
  • Actual: 6.65M, 9:00 avg. w/Treadmill Hills

I opted for the treadmill because even though it was a bright sunny day, my body wasn’t ready to brave 17 degrees with 15+ mph winds and real feel temps in single digits. The workout was 4x 1 min @ 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% incline. The workout is all done at “easy” pace with 2-3 min walking rest between sets. I ranged between 8:12 – 8:27 pace. I love this workout because it goes by really quickly, but that 8% incline, even for one minute, is tough. I took full advantage of indoor time to watch the first hour of the Bachelor premier on my iPad.


I still had another hour of The Bachelor left so I didn’t hate it that I was forced indoors again by double digit negative “feels like” temperatures. Another bonus of already being at the gym is that it makes it really easy to go upstairs and do some strength work after the run. I did Jenny’s strength workout (also known as “Grandma Hips”) and it makes me sore every.single.time.

FullSizeRender (20)

BOSU ball squat selfie. This is my favorite of all the exercises. Also, I think the mirror is scratched…not sure what the blur is on my inner thigh?!


  • Planned: Easy Cross Training + Yoga
  • Actual: 35 min Elliptical + 1 hour hot Vinyasa yoga

I debated all day what I felt like doing for cardio. Eventually I headed to the gym in the last 45 min I had before the yoga class I signed up for and squeezed in 35 min on the elliptical while I watched Scandal on Netflix. Even with the distraction of Olivia Pope, I was pretty bored.


  • Planned: Speed workout w/4×800 @ 3:20ish
  • Actual: 6.65M, 8:11 avg. (3:20, 3:20, 3:19, 3:18)

Once again, the high never got above 7 with winds of almost 20 mph so I was back to the treadmill. The plan was to get up and do this workout before my meetings started, but I woke up early to a sick pup so I waited until the vet opened and took him straight there. After that I had back-to-back meetings all day and didn’t get to the gym until 5 p.m. rush hour. I have always thought speedwork on the treadmill seemed really hard, but somehow these 800’s seemed like the treadmill was doing all of the work for me. They felt much easier than outdoor 800’s.

FullSizeRender (22)

Sick puppy (notice the IV shave) + big bone (that he stole from his much bigger brother)



  • Planned: 1:30 Run
  • Actual: 11M, 8:13 avg.

It got up to 15 degrees by mid afternoon, but it was super windy, making it feel more like -3 during the run. Originally the plan was to meet Jenny for a treadmill date, but after much debate we decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and get outdoors. We randomly ran into each other right as she was starting her run on the path so we ran a solid 6+ miles together. The company made the time fly and I ran much faster than I would have otherwise. Win-win!

FullSizeRender (21)

What you can’t see is the layers upon layers that were under these clothes!



  • Planned: Body Pump + Swim Training Class
  • Actual: OFF

I laugh thinking that I was planning to get up for an 8:30 a.m. class and swim. We had a dinner party with a bunch of Brad’s friends from high school and many glasses of wine and an almost 2 a.m. bedtime were involved. I slept until 10, went to brunch (with Jenny, Chanthana & Liz), then to see Wild. Not quite the workouts I had in mind, but a lovely Sunday!


  • Run: 32 miles
  • Cross Training: 1
  • Strength: 2
  • Yoga: 1

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Bayshore Week 1: Treadmill Central

  1. elizabeth says:

    your point of running with jenny is my add to your previous post- running with others makes the miles go by!! agree about the 800s on the mill- did mine there last week bc i pansied out on our cold weather. curious if you liked wild…it’s on my list.

  2. How did you like the movie??? Looks like you had a great week. I did 800’s on my own at the track and it was so boring!

  3. Ugh I feel like I’ve been living on the treadmill recently too, but I can only blame sub-20 temps. & I hear you on the cardio boredom. I was on the stairmill & elliptical earlier this week for less than 20 minutes each and was SO BORED. I don’t know how some people can use them for an hour at a time…

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