Bayshore Week 2: Heat Wave

18 weeks out from Bayshore! My goal at the beginning of the week was to get outside for more of the midweek runs. While the weather wasn’t awesome at times, it was certainly MUCH warmer than the week before. It also got better and better as the week went on, leading to some really great running weather by the weekend.


  • Planned: Tempo run w/3M @ 7:00 – 7:10
  • Actual: 7.25M @ 7:54 avg. (Tempo: 7:24, 7:11, 6:56)

What I should have done was run early in the morning. What I did was go back to sleep after dropping Brad at the airport and then work + procrastinate until much later. The manageable winds from the morning turned into 21+ mph winds in the afternoon. I felt like I was running into a wall during the 1.2 miles of the tempo going north, then like I had a sail when I was coming back south. And yes, I cheated a little by making the downwind portion a little longer. #noshame


  • Planned: 50 – 1:00 Easy Run + Yoga
  • Actual: 7.3M, 8:12 avg.

It was almost like a heat wave with 18 degrees and very low wind. When the sun was out for portions of this run, it felt gloriously warm. Yoga never happened because the daytime classes conflicted with my work schedule and then I went to the dentist and it definitely wasn’t happening after that.


  • Planned: 1:00 Cardio Cross + Strength Workout
  • Actual:  50 min Live DJ Spin + Jenny’s Strength Workout (minus side lunges & pistol squats)

This was a little short of the hour prescribed by Coach, but let’s just assume the intensity of the spin class made up for it. The class was a sweat fest, but the time flew by! I ran out of time before class to do the entire strength workout so I conveniently left off the two exercises that make me the most sore.


  • Planned: Speed w/12×200 @ 47 – 50 sec. (+10 min drillz added to warm-up)
  • Actual: 6.2M, 8:26 avg. (200’s: 46, 47, 45, 46, 48, 48, 46, 47, 46, 47, 49, 45)

Run commute home from dropping my car off to get serviced meant a slight tailwind for the majority of the repeats. The weather cooperated, but I should have worn thicker socks because my tootsies were cold! These 200’s are a nice boost of confidence for my turnover, since I felt like that has really been a struggle in speedwork lately.


  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

5 year Anniversary! Food, wine, rest. And walking dogs in boots.

FullSizeRender (25)


  • Planned: 1:45 Run
  • Actual: 13M, 8:04 avg.

The forecast called for almost 40 degrees, but with high winds that were supposed to increase as the morning went on. I got up early to try to beat the wind, but by 7:30, it already felt like a wall with some of the gusts. But I felt good and strong and even against the wind, it felt warm and there were swarms of runners out.

After the run, I took an epsom salt bath, which definitely beats the hell out of an ice bath (thanks to Jenny for the recommendation!) then headed downtown for some shopping with friends.

Shopping sometimes requires wine breaks.

Shopping sometimes requires wine breaks at department store bars.


  • Planned: OFF or 45 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 5.3M, 8:26 avg. + yoga

Nice and easy miles with Walter. Just as warm as Saturday, but without nearly as much wind. This weather is absolutely glorious for January!

I showered right after the run, but then remembered that I really needed to get another strength or yoga session in for the week. I reluctantly dragged myself to a 4 p.m. yoga class and was SO glad I did. I felt amazing after and my body was happy.

  • Run: 39 miles (woah!)
  • Cross Training: 1
  • Strength: 2
  • Yoga: 1
  • Treadmill runs: 0!! (total treadmill runs = 3)

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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