Bayshore Week 5: Ragnar Florida Keys

15 weeks out from Bayshore. The majority of this week was geared toward preparing to run my 4th relay on the weekend. I will have a recap of the relay soon, but for now, I will just say – the cutback worked because I went into the weekend with fresh legs and ready to go. I wish that meant I executed my runs perfectly, but unfortunately it doesn’t. More on that later…


  • Planned: Treadmill Tempo/Hills w/90 sec hills + 10 min @ 7:00-15 + 90 sec hills + Strength
  • Actual: 7.9M @ 8:13 avg.; hills @ 7:30 avg., tempo @ 7:02 avg. + Grandma Hips

After getting 18″ of snow Sunday, Coach knew that a treadmill specific workout was on tap for Monday. We were stuck in the ‘burbs Sunday evening and had to drive back early once the roads were clear. A day of meetings meant I didn’t get to the gym until the evening rush hour was well underway. I found the only available treadmill in the whole place and got to work. The workout was complicated: warm up + 3×90 sec hills at tempo effort (3-6% incline) + 10 min @ tempo (7:15 –> 7:00) + 3×90 sec hills (same as above), with rest in between each set, of course. The workout flew by, but it was tough. I definitely recommend it if you are looking to spice up your treadmill time.

The last thing I wanted to do after the run was strength work, but I was already at the gym so I dragged my butt upstairs and did Jenny’s strength workout (but skipped the last 3 exercises because the soreness was already kicking in before I even finished!)


  • Planned: 45 min Easy Run + Yoga
  • Actual: 5.4M @ 8:22 pace + Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Super easy treadmill miles. It wasn’t super cold, but the sidewalks were still sketchy enough to make me not want to trek to and from the lakefront on them. My legs were really creaky at the start of this run…it was only a mere 14 hours after Monday’s tough tempo…but the easy run did the trick and I felt great at the end.


  • Planned: OFF/Yoga
  • Actual: Yoga

Yoga two days in a row?! My body thanks me for these days every.single.time.


  • Planned: 30 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 3.6M @ 8:36 avg.

I flew to Miami relatively early Thursday morning. I definitely could have gotten these miles in before I left, but why run in the cold or on the treadmill when you can run in Miami?? I figured I would have plenty of time when I got there to get it all in. Between the logistics of getting to South Beach, van decorating, meeting the team, etc. I had to squeeze the run in right before dinner and then go to dinner without showering (gross)! It was warm and windy, but not sweltering and my legs felt dead. I was glad I ended up squeezing in the miles, if nothing else, just to shake out the travel blahs.

Friday & Saturday

  • Planned: Ragnar Florida Keys: 4 Miles + 11.7 Miles + 8.3 Miles
  • Actual: 4M @ 7:38, 11.8M @ 8:16, 8.2M @ 8:36



  • Planned: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

We slept in (glorious sleep!), rented beach cruisers then rolled over to the beach for the remainder of the day. Since we maximized our beach time, we ended up at the Ragnar Awards Ceremony still in swim suits and beach clothes. And this picture about describes how the rest of the night went for me…cocktail in one hand and water bottle in the other (bottom right).


  • Run: 40.7 miles 
  • Cross Training: 0
  • Strength: 1
  • Yoga: 2 classes
  • Treadmill runs: 2 (total treadmill runs = 7)

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to Bayshore Week 5: Ragnar Florida Keys

  1. Great week! Can’t wait to hear more about Rangar experience. I did it last year and it was too hot especially coming from somewhere cold(and not as cold as where you are)! 🙂

  2. Jaclyn says:

    Thanks for sharing that treadmill workout. Going to try it tonight! Especially since we don’t have hills here!

  3. That treadmill run did sound complicated! I had to re-read it 🙂 I loved doing Ragnar last year, I can’t wait to read your recap!!!

  4. elizabeth says:

    damn, i thought my treadmill workouts were hard to keep up with. and, LOVE that picture of you at the end of the post- you look like you are having FUN!

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