Bayshore Week 16: Pain in the Butt

4 weeks out from Race Week. Monday’s run (and how I felt after) gave me a little {injury} scare, but fortunately it was nothing and I was back to feeling great by Wednesday. Aaaaannnd that is about the only thing that went right this week.

While we were in Virginia last Friday, we found out that both of our dogs had the flu that was going around in Chicago. Wednesday, after I was up with Ernie while he was coughing all night, I took him to the vet again. X-rays showed he was in the early stages of pneumonia and they kept him in the hospital. He wasn’t critical, but definitely needed to be treated. I left the vet bawling my eyes out and didn’t feel much better until we heard that he finally broke his fever Thursday afternoon. I also was fighting off some kind of cold or bug all week, so the stress and lack of sleep weren’t really helping.


  • Planned: Temp0 w/3M @ 7:00 – 7:10
  • Actual: 7.75M @ 8:01 avg. w/tempo: 7:05, ?, ? 

I got up at 5 a.m. and started this in the pitch dark. The area where we were staying outside of Richmond is not great for running, so after the warm-up I did the tempo in loops around a mall frontage road. It’s boring, but well lit and it works. Two crappy things about this run: first, my left glute was still really tight for the first couple of miles. And second, there is one section along the loop that completely loses GPS signal. My watch showed those last 2 repeats were 7:14 and 7:13, but on both miles, my watch jumped from 6:50’s to 7:20+ within a few seconds and then took a few minutes to get righted and start working back down again. Womp. After the run, I rushed to get ready and then had to drive back to Virginia Beach for work.

Getting in the car shortly after the run and then sitting at a desk all day definitely didn’t do any favors for my tight glute.


  • Planned: 1:15 – 1:30 Easy
  • Actual: (Unplanned) OFF

All day Monday after the run, my glute was sore. It had progressed from *a little tightness* to, “ouch…that isn’t good.” Monday night I did what runners should never do when we feel pain and that is google “pain in the butt”. I convinced myself that I had piriformis syndrome and was going to be benched for the foreseeable future. The googling scared me enough to skip my run Tuesday. I was super bummed because I had planned a fun new route from my hotel in an area I had been wanting to check out. Needless to say I was in a very crappy mood, especially since I also woke up with a scratchy throat and some congestion.

The good news is that this was also travel day…finally time to go home after being in Virginia for a full week.


  • Planned: OFF 1:15 – 1:30 Easy
  • Actual: 10M @ 8:21 avg.

In the few days before I left for my trip to Virginia, I had started Delos Therapy (more to come in a later post!). I already had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning and I was praying that they could work out my glute. Collin dug around, while I tried to yoga breath and not drool all over the table. He successfully released the tightness (which he said was, in fact, NOT in my piriformis) and I felt immediate relief. He told me to try out a run later and see how it felt.

When I left my house to run in the afternoon, I was skeptical of how I would feel, but after everything with Ernie, I definitely needed a run. I didn’t know if I would even get to the end of my block before I needed to turn around, but I had to try (I was also still feeling the beginnings of a cold). I thought best case scenario the run would be in the range of 45 min…maaaaybe an hour, but I felt awesome immediately and continued to feel good mile after mile. There was no lingering tightness AT ALL. I made the in-the-moment decision to do the full 1:15 – 1:30 run that I skipped Tuesday. The miles flew by and I even ran and chatted for a little while with the guy who I had paced with at the 5k in February. These are the kind of miles runners live for…grateful, healthy and effortless.


  • Planned: Speed work w/3x1M @ 6:30-6:40 45 min Easy
  • Actual: 5.3M @ 8:32 avg.

Since I switched Tuesday and Wednesday’s workout, Coach told me to push everything back by a day and do the speedwork on Friday. It was a bright sunny day, but quite chilly for late April. Even in gloves and long sleeves I was chilled. Plus the little cold that I was fighting the few days before definitely reared it’s ugly head during this run because I just felt blah and couldn’t wait to be done.


Walter’s first walk since being sick. We took him out briefly while we picked up our lunch.



  • Planned: 45 min Easy – 1:00 Easy Speed work w/3x1M @ 6:30-6:40
  • Actual: Strength Warm-up + 7.7M, 8:01 avg. w/Repeats: 6:42, 6:35, 6:45

Oof. This was rough. I felt sluggish and crappy pretty much from the beginning. The gray, gloomy weather certainly didn’t help. Don’t be fooled by the second mile…I had a bathroom stop about halfway through that repeat and stopped my watch. The last mile was a good test of mental toughness because I thought about quitting about 15 times, but ultimately finished without stopping. 6:45 wasn’t within the goal range for the day, but I was happy I didn’t stop. Not much you can do but move on from workouts like this one.


  • Planned: 1:45 Run OFF or Easy Run
  • Actual: Yoga

In hopes to make up for the lack of strength work and possibly to sweat out some of the cold I was fighting, I went to a class late Saturday morning. I swore off the Hot Power Fusion class after the last time, but somehow I still went back. It was miserably hot, but I had towels and just tried to embrace it. Other than getting a little light headed in the very last few minutes, it actually felt really, really good and was actually just what my body needed.


  • Planned: OFF 1:45 Run
  • Actual: 12.6M, 8:21 avg.

Ugh. Another tough run. Super low energy and the wind certainly didn’t help. I kept it super easy in the early miles (8:20+), then picked it up to 8:10 – 8:15 for the middle miles, but couldn’t sustain that and the last few miles were back in the 8:20+ range again. I don’t like when I don’t finish strong so that was a bummer.


  • Run: 43.4 miles 
  • Cross Training: 0
  • Strength x 1
  • Yoga: 1 class

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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5 Responses to Bayshore Week 16: Pain in the Butt

  1. Ugh what a week. They never do anything for our confidence, but we all go through it. Hopefully this week is going better 🙂
    I’m glad your glute issue was nothing serious & your pups are ok!

  2. Your poor pup! Sorry for the tough week, but hopefully you got it out of the way so the rest of your training and race week can all be good ones 🙂 Glad you didn’t end up with anything too serious going on with your glute. Bayshore is getting close!

  3. Pete B says:

    Glad to hear your dogs are better!

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