USAT Nationals Week 2: Boston & Houston

10 weeks until USAT Nationals

The first half of the week I was in Boston for a business trip, then I headed down to Houston for a family weekend. The time in Boston was filled with late nights and early mornings and my body was definitely not loving the lack of sleep. By the time the weekend came around, I was dragging a bit, even with several skipped workouts throughout the week. I ended the week with only one swim which is disappointing but I guess I can only do better next week.


  • Plan: 1:15 Ride + 2325 Swim
  • Actual: 20.15 Bike @ 16.9 mph (1:11) + 2350 m Swim (main set: 8×100 w/5″ rest + 7×75 sprint)

My flight left from Virginia Beach at 11:30, so I took advantage of the extra time in the morning by riding outside and getting in a swim. The early morning, flat ride felt much better than the rolling hills and heat from the day before. I wasn’t sure how a back-to-back workout would feel…it was the first one in a long time. But the swim was pretty decent. I finished the morning feeling really accomplished and strong.


  • Plan: 1:00 Run + 2300 Swim 1:05 Ride w/8×1′ hills
  • Actual: 16M @ 16 mph (1:00) w8x1′ “hills”

It was cold and raining in Boston and I didn’t have anything to run in but a tank top, so I pushed the planned run to the next day and rode on the recumbent bike in the gym instead. Netflix and alternating “hills” made the time go by pretty quickly.

I had scoped out some pool options, but we didn’t have a break between our work meetings and dinner so I had to scrap the planned swim.


  • Plan: 1:05 Ride w/8×1′ hills 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run
  • Actual: 6M @ ~8:25 

This was the run from Tueaday. It was still a little cool in Boston (high 40’s), but at least the sun was shining. Instead of risking being cold in a tank top, I ended up running in a cotton t-shirt. First time I have done that in a LONG time, but it actually wasn’t that bad! Of course, I wasn’t that sweaty since it was a cool day. Running around Boston was fun and there were tons of runners out for National Running Day.

Boston views (same as my run but taken later during the tour)

The afternoon was for team building and we explored Boston on Segways before hitting the Red Sox game!


  • Plan: 2:00 ride 
  • Actual: 27.5M bike @ 16.5 mph (1:40)

I knew I wouldn’t have access to a bike on the weekend, so I got in my long “ride” on the recumbent bike at the hotel before leaving Boston that evening. I was actually surprised with how quickly the time went by while I watched House of Cards on Netflix. This is, of course, nothing like a real long ride, but I do what I can with what I have and hope I get some training benefits out of it.


  • Plan: 45 min – 1:00 Easy Run + 2100 Swim
  • Actual: 5.5M @ 8:24 avg. 

I woke up exhausted. The lack of sleep finally caught up to me, but I didn’t have the option to sleep in because I had a morning filled with teleconferences and the day would only be getting hotter as it went on. Between the heat and my body being so tired, the run felt hard. I thought I would try to go an hour, but 45 minutes was all I could muster.

The day was super busy after the run and there was no time to try to squeeze in a swim.


  • Plan: 1:20 Run
  • Actual: 9.2M @ 8:41 avg.

I procrastinated WAY too much before heading out the door. It was 8:30 by the time I started running and I knew I better slow it way down if I wanted to survive. I got really thirsty and hot at the end, so it felt hard in the last couple of miles. But my pace was consistent (8:38 – 8:43) so I knew I had run smart, considering my lack of acclimation to the heat.

That evening was a ton of fun with my family.

Cheers to my beautiful cousins!

All the booze and blur.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

A well-planned day off after a late night of partying with family. I did take a nice long walk with my parents in the evening which felt good after an otherwise lazy day.


  • Swim:  2350 meters (one swim…womp)
  • Bike: 64 miles (44 on the recumbent bike)
  • Run: 20.7 miles
  • Time: 7 hours 30 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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