USAT Nationals Week 3: Progress!

9 weeks until USAT Nationals

This was a solid week! Not only did I finally get 3 swim, bike and run workouts for the first time this cycle, I also found some pep back in my step.


  • Plan: Tempo w/2M @ “feel” 50 min Easy Run
  • Actual: 5.8M @ 8:38 avg.

Despite getting 10 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling awful. My stomach was upset and I just felt blech. I waited a few hours and finally headed out for my run around 11:15 when I was feeling a little better. Running midday in June in Houston is generally a bad idea. I knew it was going to be rough so I scrapped the tempo and focused on getting easy miles. I carried water and took several walk breaks in shaded areas. It wasn’t pretty, but I was really happy to finish it.

That evening I flew from Houston to Virginia Beach and because of storms, I got stuck in DC until 11 p.m. I didn’t finally get to my hotel until 1:30 a.m.


  • Plan: 2150 Swim1:15 Ride w/4×3′ @ VO2 Max
  • Actual: 20.25M Bike @ 16.6 mph (1:13) w/intervals: 18.6, 19.5, 19.7, 19.3, 19.8, 19.9 mph

Because of the late night and how I felt the day before, I skipped the planned morning swim and slept in. I rode after work in a new-to-me area in Virginia Beach. {PSA: Do not trust a non-cyclist when they tell you that a bike path “goes forever” and is “definitely at least 8 miles” or you might end up on a less than 2 mile bike path.} Instead of riding back and forth, I explored the nearby neighborhood streets and found a perfect loop to do my intervals. I did 6 instead of 4 because I forgot to check how many I was supposed to do and 6 seemed reasonable. I felt strong and was happy with how it went, but I would like to be able keep the pace much close to goal race pace (22 mph) as I get more fit.


  • Plan: 50 min Easy Run Tempo w/2M @ “feel” + 2150 Swim
  • Actual: 5.8M @ 8:04 w/tempo: 7:30, 7:14 +  2150 Swim (Main set: 7×100 w/5″ RI, 6×75 sprint)

I ran before work which was less than 12 hours after finishing the bike workout from the night before. My legs were definitely feeling it and the tempo miles felt hard, especially the first one. It wasn’t pretty, but I was happy to finish with something close to my normal tempo pace. The cool down miles felt so much easier and were at a faster pace with the same effort than all of the miles I have run since Bayshore. It was like the tempo effort brought some life back into my legs.

Swam after work. The swims still feel like slogs. I need to invest much more time in the pool before things will start to come around.


  • Plan: 1:05 Ride w/6×1′ Sprint + 2100 Swim 
  • Actual: 19.25M @ 17.4 mph (1:06) w/sprints: 19.2, 18.7, 19.8, 20.4, 18.8, 22.1, 21.1, 21.2 mph + 2100 m Swim (main set: 5×200, 4×25 sprint)

I rode in the morning before work along the bike lane that starts very close to where my new house will be. I am very excited to have such a great, safe route with good road surface so close to my house for weekday rides. I felt much stronger in the sprints than on Tuesday’s ride.

I didn’t leave the office until after 6 and the last thing I really wanted to do was swim, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. Once I got in the pool, it went by really fast and I was done before I knew it. I still felt like I was dying by the end of every 200.


  • Plan: OFF
  • Actual: OFF

Rest days during triathlon training are glorious. I slept in and took my sweet time getting ready and packing up my bags before heading to the office. Unfortunately my flight that evening was cancelled and I ended up spending yet another night in Virginia instead of going home to Chicago.


  • Plan: 1:20 – 1:30 Run
  • Actual: 11M @ 7:58 avg.

When my flight was cancelled, I was rebooked on a 7:15 flight for Saturday morning. Luckily, good old Chicago came through with some cooler temps and starting the run at almost 10 a.m. wasn’t too bad. Right as I got to the inner path, I saw Jenny and we ended up running 6 miles together. Running 7:50’s is definitely on the slow end for Jenny, but it was good for me to pick up the pace a little after so many slower runs the last 3 weeks. We chatted away and the miles flew by! Running a little faster actually felt really good and I tried to keep the pace there even after we split so she could head home.

The rest of the day was spent brunching, drinking and watching the Blackhawks. It was a super fun day!



  • Plan: Brick: 1:15 Ride + 30 min Run + 1800 Swim
  • Actual: 21.5M Bike @ 17.2 mph + 3.6M Run @ 8:21 avg. + 1800 yard Swim (main set: 1200 straight)

Despite Saturday’s shenanigans, I actually woke up Sunday feeling pretty darn good. I got my bike all ready to go and right as I was heading out, it started sprinkling. I checked the weather and a huge storm was coming. I went back inside and a few minutes later it POURED. After the rain passed, I rode up north to Evanston. It was calm for a Sunday morning, but still reminded me why I don’t love riding my bike in Chicago. I ran an easy 30 after the ride and my legs felt like trash, but somehow the pace was much faster than it felt (like always on a brick!).

The absolute LAST thing I wanted to do that evening was swim, but I really, really wanted to get 3 swims for the first time in a week. Surprisingly, this was the best swim yet. Maybe because I was so relaxed, but I felt smooth and the 1200 straight flew by. Nice confidence booster!


  • Swim: 5900  meters 
  • Bike: 61 miles (all outside!)
  • Run: 27 miles
  • Time: 9 hours 5 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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One Response to USAT Nationals Week 3: Progress!

  1. elizabeth says:

    playing catch up- impressed by you getting it all in…but think you are like me. somehow the workouts seem to be my balance or “calming” time that i can let go of everything else. Also, wish you were here and you and R could ride together!!! 🙂

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