USAT Nationals Week 5: Move Week #2 – Derailed

8 weeks until USAT Nationals

The final week of the move was not nearly as successful (from a workout standpoint) as the first week. In fact, the week was so busy that I never even really got around to planning out the workouts. So what you see for “plan” basically either came from Coach for the runs or was planned about 1/2 way through the week.


  • Plan: OFF (or maybe a swim?)
  • Actual: OFF

We got up Monday morning in Richmond and got to (finally!) pick up our boys then go by the new house and see the renovation progress. It felt so good to sleep until almost 8 a.m. and I hoped that I would have time for a swim that evening, but figured it would most likely be a rest day.


  • Plan: Tempo Run w/2-3M @ feel + Swim?
  • Actual: 6.5M @ 8:01 w/tempo: 7:17, 7:10

I got up early before our house closing in Virginia Beach and ran around a cemetery near our hotel. It was hot and humid (over 100 degrees later!) and pretty miserable. Once again, I called it at 2 miles on the tempo and didn’t try to push a 3rd. I just didn’t have it in me.

After the closing we were planning to spend the rest of the day moving in, but the moving trucks didn’t make it town with our stuff. We spent the day running other errands instead and there was never any down time to sneak away for a swim.


  • Plan: 1:30 Bike w/7×3′ VO2 Max Intervals OFF
  • Actual: Unplanned Rest

Since we didn’t have furniture, we were in a hotel again and I didn’t have easy access to ride or swim. I should have gotten up early and figured something out, but I didn’t and the day got away with unpacking so I didn’t do any workouts. 


  • Plan: 50 – 1:00 Run 1:30 Bike w/7×3′ VO2 Max Intervals + 2400 Swim 
  • Actual: 23.6M Ride @ 18.8 mph (1:15) w/intervals: 20.4, 21.3, 22.6, 21.9, 21.9, 22.5  

Finally a night in our house! I originally was supposed to run, but since I hadn’t biked all week, I decided to move the run to a brick on Saturday and get in a ride. I rode straight from home on the really awesome bike lane to and along the oceanfront. These intervals were WAY faster than a few weeks ago, but I attribute most of that to being on my tri bike and having no wind fighting me. This felt really, really good. 

I was all set to swim and even had Brad bring my stuff by the office so I could go straight from work. Then I got to the pool that evening and it was closed because of lightning. A look at the weather said it wasn’t going to stop any time soon and every sighting adds 30 min to the close time. Bummer.


  • Plan: Speed workout w/4×800 @ feel + 2400 Swim
  • Actual: 6.7M @ 8:10 w/800’s: 3:23, 3:20, 3:19, 3:16 + 2400 m Swim (main set: 7×100 w/5″ RI, 7×100 w/45″ RI)

After it rained all night, it was much, much cooler than the previous runs. There is a track exactly 1.8 miles from home so I ran over to the track for the workout. I knew I had negative split the 800’s but didn’t know the paces until I looked at the data later. I was pleasantly surprised after all the crappy runs in recent weeks. This was definitely more about waking up the legs a little than building speed, but I’ll take it!

I worked from home half a day since we had people scheduled to come to the house for various things. At 4, I finally pulled myself away and hit the pool. It felt good to be back in the water and I was surprised to not feel super sluggish after a week off swimming.


  • Plan: Brick: 1:30 Ride, 30 min Run + 2500 Swim
  • Actual: 29M Ride @ 19.1 mph (1:30) + 3.6M Run @ 8:24 avg.

I got up early to try to beat the rain that was forecasted for later. We also had several things we wanted to get done for the house that morning so I needed to get the workout done early. I felt GREAT on the bike. The route was perfect and I flew through it. Despite feeling great on the bike, my legs were dead after and I wasn’t excited to run. I took it super slow to start and sure enough my legs woke up and I had some nice negative splits: 8:45, 8:24, 8:13, 8:01 (avg for 0.6).
The rest of the day was busy and I never had a chance to swim. The pool closes at 4:30 on the weekends so that makes it tough. 


  • Plan: 1:30 Run + 1:10 Bike w/8×1′ Speed Intervals
  • Actual: ~10.5M @ ~8:35 avg.

This run was a disaster. It was hot and miserable and my body was dead. I ran on the Cape Henry trail which is amazing, but I get no satellite signal in the woods (no big deal – but that’s why the distance/pace is approx) and I also got eaten up by mosquitos. This is partly because I took my tank top off because it was soaked with sweat and partly because I took several walk breaks and the bites were worse when I wasn’t moving. Runs like this are just soul crushers and make me dream of cool fall weather. I am really hoping I start getting acclimated to the weather soon because runs like this aren’t even fun for me.

The bad part about missing so many workouts earlier in the week was that I needed to try to squeeze in another ride (or swim) later after my long run. After a long nap and doing some stuff around the house, I tried to muster up some motivation, but just couldn’t. I felt completely drained and knew the workout would be junk if I did it. Instead I decided that next week would be a new week to start over completely fresh. And I had a glass (or 2) of wine on my roof deck and enjoyed the incredible sunset. 



  • Swim: 2400 meters 
  • Bike: 52 miles 
  • Run: 27 miles
  • Time: 7 hours 11 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to USAT Nationals Week 5: Move Week #2 – Derailed

  1. Nice job this week! Your bike paces are killer. I’d love to see 18-19mph on a training run, but sadly that’s about as fast as I get on a good day racing! I am not too good at biking, but I do love it! Great job!

    • Corey says:

      Thanks, Allison! There was definitely a time when all of my bike paces were lucky to be 15-16 mph for training rides. But after riding for a while, getting a faster bike/wheels and finding some flat areas, I have slowly seen those numbers come up! But definitely remember how flat it is here! Makes a big difference in paces. You will see those numbers come up!

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