Shout Out: Seacret Minerals from the Dead Sea

Way back in early February when we were still dealing with the frozen tundra of Chicago winter, we spent Super Bowl weekend snowed in at our friends, Eric and Shannon’s house.


The aftermath of the snowstorm in Eric & Shannon’s backyard.

While we were there, Shannon and I talked about the new venture that she was taking on. She had recently been introduced to Seacret skin care and beauty products by a friend and fell in love with not only the products themselves, but also the story behind the company. She quickly decided to become an agent so she could share her love of the products with her friends, family and community. As the winter ended and spring came around, Shannon decided to leave her steady, (but not fulfilling) marketing job to sell Seacret products full-time (while also raising her two incredibly smart and funny daughters).

Minerals From The Dead Sea

In an effort to give me the chance to experience what it is that she likes so much, Shannon sent me an awesome sample kit with individual notes on the products and tips on when and how to use them. This is what she said about the company (which I thought was perfectly stated): “What is unique about Seacret is that it combines Nature and Technology to deliver optimal results. All of the products contain minerals from the Dead Sea and are hypo-allergenic, paraben and sls free. Seacret does not use animal products nor are they tested on animals.”

FullSizeRender (72)

Super organized and complete with applicators and cotton balls!

Shannon knew that I already have a skin care regimen that I am happy with and did a really great job at sharing products that could supplement that and also would be good for my super active lifestyle.

Over the next several weeks I tried out the samples and definitely found some that I loved and some that I thought would be nice-to-have (depending on the cost).

What I loved:

  1. The Mud Shampoo & Mud Conditioner. Not only did I absolutely LOVE the smell of this when I was using it, every time I got a little whiff of my hair over the next 24-hours, I could still smell it. I like a shampoo that gets nice and sudsy with a small amount and I was impressed that the small little sample was plenty for one washing. My hair also felt super soft and (most important for me), the conditioner did an excellent job at detangling the rat’s nest that is my hair after a run. I have been wishing that I had some of this since then and I JUST finally placed an order for a full bottle of the shampoo this week! 
  2. Body Lotion. I really liked the body lotion. The smell is amazing and the smooth, creamy texture was an improvement over my normal drug store products. My skin used to get really, really dry in Chicago winters and this definitely helped with that after using it just a few times. I only wished I had more! (And I should very soon, since I also ordered this.) {The Body Butter is also amazing. It had the same great smell, but a thicker texture than the lotion. I would (and did) choose the butter or lotion and probably not necessarily buy both.}
  3. Foot cream. As a runner, my feet get gross, dried out and cracked, especially in the colder months. The Seacret foot cream rubbed in really easily, had a nice, fresh smell  and I definitely noticed that my feet felt soft all day that day and the next after using it.

Other interesting products:

  1. Magnetic Mud Mask. This was super cool because it applied very easily and then actually used a magnet (provided by Shannon) to take off! It came off super clean with no water, which is completely different than most mud masks. My face felt amazing after using it. The one thing I wasn’t crazy about was the metallic smell that it left on my skin. I would use this again for sure, but I didn’t buy it because I find that I tend to invest in things like this and then forget to use them since they aren’t part of my regular routine.FullSizeRender (73)
  2. Men’s products. Shannon also sent several items over for Brad to use. He really liked the products (but I couldn’t convince him to guest blog!). He said they were high quality, but also liked that they were specifically for men. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like many of the higher quality skin care products are targeted toward women so he liked that these were made for men.

There are a ton of other face and skincare products that I haven’t tried since Shannon tried to design my samples to supplement my current routine. I did add the daily facial cleanse to my recent order because I want a good gentle cleanser to put in my swim bag for when I shower at the pool. As for my other normal face products…changing things up could lead to good results, so I may try some other things if I like the facial cleanser. I am a creature of habit and like what I have, but it’s possible I could like new stuff even more!

I found that the pricing on these products is similar to what you would expect for special beauty products (i.e. Rodan + Fields or any department store-type products). But if you typically shop at a drug store, you will find them to be more expensive. You do get a pretty great deal when you bundle 3 items together (up to 60% discount) so that’s why I ordered a few extra things. Shannon is also offering a free gift to anyone who orders products within 2 weeks of this post!

To order with the bundle: Visit the website (This links to Shannon’s site) –> click on “Become a VIP Customer” –> “Bundle & Save” –> “Build your own bundle” (and make sure to put the 3 most expensive items in the 1st three spots to get the biggest savings). It will ask you for the frequency for replenishment (30, 60 or 90 days), but you can log back in after you finish your order and cancel any future ones if you don’t want them.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am a big product person so I like to read and learn about new stuff without having to do a whole lot of research. So I am happy to share my thoughts!

It should be said that Shannon did provide the samples to me for free and we agreed that I would blog about the products I liked (or didn’t!). But these are definitely my honest opinions and while I definitely want to support Shannon and hope her business is super successful, I would only make recommendations that I felt like I can truly stand behind! 

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