Thinking Out Loud

Just some random and rambling thoughts about a few things that I have come across lately…

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. I had never heard this phrase (or concept) before the last few weeks and now it seems to be popping up everywhere. I find it super interesting from the view of cultures and social behaviors, but there are far better places you can go to read intellectual discussions about that. I do want to talk about why this struck a chord with me in my life right now…There were many spaces in time in the last 10 years that I could easily have pointed to 5 people in my life and said, ‘these are the 5 people I spend the most time with’ and could have definitely reasoned that I am an “average” of their influences. But what about today? It’s been less than a year since we moved to Virginia and while I have met some really fantastic people, living in two different cities makes it really hard to establish my tribe (squad? crew?). So what does that mean in the context of this discussion? Well, Brad is the one constant in my life, but what about my other 4? By nature, I spend a ton of time with people I work with, but am I defined by their influence? (I hope not!) I talk to my mom almost everyday, does she count? What about my far away BFF’s that I text with Without a “squad” surrounding me on a regular basis, the idea of this makes me a little uncomfortable. Do I lose identity because I don’t have “my 5”? What does being the “average” of people even mean? I am super curious on how other people might think about this phrase and how it applies to you?

“That is my achilles heel”. This is another one that seems to keep popping up in random places (everywhere! I heard it again today!). The idea is that someone’s biggest weakness, is their “achilles heel” (am I the only one that wasn’t familiar with this phrase?). It’s strange to me because I always thought of the achilles heel – in the literal sense – as being this solid foundation in my body, playing a huge role in simple things like…walking and standing. A quick Google search tells me that the phrase has origins in Greek Mythology, which makes more sense, but regardless, I am still thinking a lot about the concept. What is my achilles heel? How has it changed and how does it translate from one area of my life to others? In triathlons, I believe it is my ability to get to a pain place on the bike (getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, if you will). In running – translating training into race performances. I could go on, in almost every area of my life. But I curious – Am I clueless for never having heard of this? Anyone else want to share what their “achilles heel” is?

“A bad day doesn’t mean that I didn’t put in the work or I have lost fitness. It just means that the work will pay off later.” – Desi Linden I have read and listened to several interviews with Desi in recent months. I have always liked her – the super solid, crazy competitive, less ‘commercialized’ runner among the top female US Marathoners. She does things her own way, including racing & training and is unapologetic about it. Everything about her approach to the sport makes me a fan. And when I read this quote on Salty Running about her comments before the US Half Marathon Championships (where she got 2nd…again), it stuck with me. We naturally tend to judge our fitness and the amount of work we put into a training cycle by the outcome of the race and that just isn’t always the best indicator. So as I come up on my A-race next week, knowing that there are so many factors that could affect the outcome, I want to remember this and know that good day or bad day – the work will pay off, at some point.

That’s all I’ve got…nothing profound. Truly just some rambling thinking out loud.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to Thinking Out Loud

  1. I never heard that before.. I don’t have 5 people I spend a lot of time with, other than work people ofc. And even the people I spend a lot of time with I am very different from (except from my mom maybe), so I don’t think this applies to me at all. But it’s kind of weird to think about..

  2. elizabeth says:

    hmm. i have to say, my 5 don’t really exist here either but i truly think my real, long term friendships no matter if it’s via text, are more meaningful and impactful. totally agree with desi- a race time and results don’t define it all or give the whole story.

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