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Still Alive

Hello? Is anyone still there? Somehow I doubt it, but since I have felt this strange urge to write again lately, I dug through my links and found my way back here. Honestly, I thought I had retired this space. … Continue reading

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Shout Out: Delos Wellness

I mentioned in last week’s recap that I have been going to Delos Therapy for a few weeks. I first heard about this from Rachel, an instructor at my yoga studio, who said that she had chronic tightness in her upper … Continue reading

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Why Running is Better than Everything Else

In November I posted about how not running/exercising for a week had a huge affect on my body. It threw my sleep, bathroom routine (TMI?) and appetite completely out of whack. Once I was home from traveling and was able to … Continue reading

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An Injury Update & What Life is Like without Running

Last time I posted, I talked about my sore foot. At the time, I was confident that it was a fairly minor and very temporary situation that would be fixed with a few days off of running. I “rested” for … Continue reading

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Off-Season Aches & Pains

Isn’t it a little odd how sometimes when you aren’t running much or training hard, little aches and pains start to pop-up out of nowhere? I have read at least two  posts about this lately and talked to some friends who … Continue reading

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Chasing PR’s

There was a stretch of time a couple of years ago where I PR’d every time I raced. I was chipping away at older times in just about every distance, including varying triathlon distances. I was doing more focused speed … Continue reading

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Committing to Strength Training

I have known for a long time that I have weak hips and glutes. When I lived in Greenville, my riding and running buddies were mostly physical therapists. Having PT friends is a huge perk for an endurance athlete (read: … Continue reading

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